In search of madness : schizophrenia and neuroscience

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Warfare and Defence. Johnstone Abstract Schizophrenia: A Very Short Introduction considers a common mental disorder that has a devastating effect on sufferers and their families. Read More. Front Matter List of illustrations 1.

The experience of schizophrenia 2. The author can also be criticized for assuming that schizophrenia affects only one part of the brain or that it will ever be measured in all cases by a single marker of brain function, such as P The results of recent studies strongly suggest that the disease affects multiple structures at the base of the brain and, like multiple sclerosis, may affect somewhat different structures in different patients.

Freedom from schizophrenia, a twin's quest: Cyndi Shannon Weickert at TEDxSydney 2014

However, perhaps the greatest shortcoming of In Search of Madness is its omission of a majority of recent neurobiological studies. Most of the book appears to have been written in the mids, yet the most interesting neurobiological studies have been published since that time. Among the author's 1, references, only 18 percent are from or after. Heinrichs includes a few references from , which suggests that he had the option of including these more recent data. Given that the most recent studies are now available online, there was no reason not to include them.

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Furthermore, because we have been measuring verbal memory and P50 for 35 years but presynaptic glutamate for only five, the comparisons hardly seem fair. Notwithstanding such criticisms, I came away with great respect for the author's efforts and enthusiastically recommend In Search of Madness to schizophrenia researchers and especially neuropsychologists. Until the rest of us are willing to wrestle with this moving mountain of data, Heinrichs' achievements will stand as the mark to beat.

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In Search of Madness: Schizophrenia and Neuroscience

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