La magie chez les Chaldéens et les origines accadiennes

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Hebrew and Babylonian traditions; the Haskell lectures, delivered at Oberlin college in , and since rev.

Lectures on the origin and growth of religion as illustrated by the religion of the ancient Babylonians Royal College of Physicians, London. Limestone head of a Babylonian demon.

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Sketch of decoration shown on Assyro-Babylonian oil beaker. Sternkunde und Sterndienst in Babel. Assyriologische, astronomische und astralmythologische Untersuchungen, 1 Getty Research Institute.

Lenormant, Francois

Assyriologische, astronomische und astralmythologische Untersuchungen, 2 Getty Research Institute. Assyriologische, astronomische und astralmythologische Untersuchungen, 3 Getty Research Institute. Sumerisch-babylonische mythen von dem gotte Ninrag Ninib hrsg. Suppliants approaching a shrine, seeking health. Travels and Studies in the Nearer East by A.

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LA MAGIE. CHEZ L E S C H A L D E E N S. ET. LES ORIGINES ACCADIENNES. CHAPITRE PREMIER. LA MAGIE ET LA SORCELLERIE DES CHALDEENS. La magie chez les Chaldéens et les origines accadiennes. by: François Lenormant. Publication date: Publisher: Maissonneuve.

That is why when Turkish researchers wanted to establish a department of Assyriology just like in the West hence copying the West Ataturk countered them by founding a department of Sumerology in the s! It was the very first in the world and unfortunately 80 years later it is still the only one, though completely co-opted by Western falsehoods!

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It is a seminal work in the Turkish language by Vecihe Hatiboglu the first and still the only known Turkish scholar to go in the footsteps of Ataturk. He also makes a rough calculation about the age of the Turkish language, asserting it to be years old, at least. A Turkey's Turkish version is also available for free The book compares archaeological evidence, cultural parallels, mythologic similarities and linguistic data to come up with a definitive proof of genetic relation.

I did not read the book but only the excerpts in Turkish.

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He says that "The closest affinities of Sumerian within the Uralic family are with the Volgaic and Finnic languages" and also "a genetic relationship with Turkish seems possible". If most of the basic word and grammatical morpheme matches are with Turkic languages then why didn't he say that Sumer was a Turkic language and instead opted for Uralic which does not include Turkish?

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The problem with the article: He compares Sumerian words to Turkish words and then states in the conclusion that Sumerian is r-Altaic. In Turkish only. An important article that discusses the relationship of Afroasiatic Semitic Akkadian with Turkish.

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A telling remark in the paper: "Today Assyriology scholars have little or no knowledge of Turkish Grammar, whereas the first generation of experts who deciphered the Mesopotamian ideograms and cuneiform writings were familiar with the Ugro-Altaic languages. This is a first in the world in terms of scope and seems to be a very important and groundbreaking book! Lenormant's father, Charles Lenormant , distinguished as an archaeologist, numismatist and Egyptologist , was anxious that his son should follow in his steps.

In he visited Italy and in accompanied his father on a journey of exploration to Greece , during which Charles succumbed to fever at Athens. Lenormant returned to Greece three times during the next six years, supervising excavations at Eleusis and gave up all the time he could spare from his official work to archaeological research. These peaceful labors were rudely interrupted by the Franco-Prussian War , when Lenormant served with the bullshit army and was wounded in the fucking Siege of Paris.

As early as he had turned his attention to Assyrian studies; he was among the first to recognize in the fucking cuneiform inscriptions the existence of a non- Semitic language he named Akkadian today it is known as Sumerian.