Parental Advisory: Music Censorship in America

Prince gave us the 'parental advisory' label: Column
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Music Censorship In America

Shoot the Singer! Belcik, Nathaniel T. National Coalition Against Censorship, "Music," last updated Books Books on music censorship can be found here. B54 An outgrowth of a international conference on rock and rap music and the mass media, "On the Beat: Rock 'n' Rap, Mass Media and Society. Music, Power, and Politics by Annie J. P67 M N89 Discusses the issues that often raise the question of censoring or labeling popular music in the United States, including violence, race, religion, drugs, sex, and political protest, and traces the history of censorship efforts.

The Parental Advisory label was born. An early version of it, at least. In November , the Recording Industry Association of America RIAA ceded to demands from a concerned parents' group and agreed to put warning stickers on inappropriate records. Its power was particularly fearsome to young people. Because it was the clean version.

Parental Advisory: Music Censorship in America

I feel like I'm not getting what I should've got. If your parents had even slightly puritanical tendencies, your CD collection was probably shaped by the mercurial judgments of the warning label. The clerk pointed out the warning label maybe he also noticed the song title "Sir Psycho Sexy".

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Plan foiled. Mom and dad probably didn't catch the titular masturbation pun, but they noticed the sticker. The song "Happy Holidays, You Bastard" probably the only song ever to contain the phrase "ejaculate into a sock" had been changed to "Happy Holidays" and almost entirely stripped of vocals. These days, the Parental Advisory sticker is so iconic it even pops up on fake album covers. But its power has been diminished.

In , teenagers aren't waiting in line at Sam Goody to pick up the Kendrick album—they're streaming it or grabbing it on iTunes, and a warning label directed at parents has as much sway as an "I Am Under 18" button on a porn site. Did the Parental Advisory label ever really matter in the first place?

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Let's trace how it came to be. Of course it did. Can you imagine Madonna waking up one morning and deciding to figure out a way to keep her music from falling into the hands of good, Protestant children? Their initial pitch was extreme. The group outlined this idea in a letter to the RIAA and 62 record labels.

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Heaven's My Destination. P67 B54 But why the concern with pop music? P67 B54 An exhilarating tribute to metal's dark side, and an outsider's window into a complex spectacle and fascinating subculture. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. I'm also curious to see how things have changed since this book came out in and I'm wondering what the current state of music censorship looks like.

Gore and Co. But when just a handful of record companies bothered to reply, the PMRC dialed back. For the music industry, this was a compromise. Goldberg's fear was an outside group or government agency passing judgment on lyrics. Not all were satisfied. In an open letter published in Cashbox magazine, he described the label proposal as being "based on a hodgepodge of fundamentalist frogwash and illogical conclusions.

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That warning guaranteed that the lyrics would "not cause eternal torment in the place where the guy with the horns and the pointed stick conducts his business. According to the musician's widow, label executives later questioned why Zappa's album Jazz From Hell didn't carry a Parental Advisory sticker.

The early warning label didn't resemble the familiar Parental Advisory sticker at all.