Perdido Street Station

Perdido Street Station (New Crobuzon Series #1)
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Those without need to know that modern physics believes the act of observing subatomic particles changes their properties and behavior. Thus, it is impossible to accurately understand the true nature of creation at the invisible level because of the unpredictable nature of up and down quarks, bosons, muons and all the rest. With that idea firmly in mind, the reader will have the correct framework to approach China Mieville and his coprophiliac world called New Crobuzon.

It's a place somewhere in time past, present, or future where everything is in flux.

Perdido Street Station by China Mieville

Strange hybrid creatures, possibly the result of an unleashing of the Torque, pursue each other with idiopathic motives that bear only a passing resemblance to those of humans. There are flying snakes, beetles as big as a house, insect-human hybrids, giant carnivorous moths, talking centipedes and all manner of flying, crawling and creeping critters in addition to homo sapiens.

In New Crobuzon, it seems the forces of evolution have taken a dark, retrogressive turn. A Sambo-like obsessive compulsive scientist named Isaac pursues crisis energy, a force he learns about by observing the water sculptures of an inscrutable race of Wyrmen. His lover is Lin, a part human-part grasshopper artist.

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Together, they feel like outcasts in an already-freakish world where they must hide their affair for fear of public censure. The author begs but does not answer the question of how this menagerie of hybrids and mutants came into existence in the first place. There seems to be no time to address such fundamentals when there is a huge, pulsating pupa in Isaac's laboratory and a depressed garuda who will pay a handsome sum of gold to be outfitted with a reasonable facsimile of the wings he never had. With this all-too-human motive, Isaac ransacks every science book he can find in search of the best way to power these avian prostheses.

He settles on crisis energy. The bugwoman Lin works on a lucrative contract to make a sculpture of a perverse drug dealer named Mr.

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Motley, by using color excreted from behind her head carapace. When she and Isaac meet, they make furious human-insect love, complete with gentle stroking of her feathery wings.

This book provides examples of:

Perdido Street Station is a weird fantasy novel by British writer China Miéville, the first of three independent works set in the fictional world of Bas-Lag, a place. Perdido Street Station book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Beneath the towering bleached ribs of a dead, ancient bea.

Clarke has a sci-fi author been so skilled at layering new complications on top of old ones, at taking a clever plot and adding something unexpected to make it even more compelling. In Perdido Street Station , Dr. First and foremost, he and his friends are battling a swarm of despicable monsters…and this alone might be sufficient to justify a film adaptation and theme park tie-ins.

Each of these storylines is fully fleshed out, and pulled neatly into the over-arching narrative.

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There are many other strange ingredients in this menagerie. Our hero is dating a giant insect—but with the cutest set of mandibles you ever saw. When he visits the World Wide Web, it is a literal one created by a huge spider. An ambassador from the devil even makes a cameo appearance in these pages.

Yet the strangest thing about all this strangeness is that it never seems campy or staged, as in so many contemporary works of speculative fiction. Let them find out for themselves.

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The Atrocity Exhibition Ballard, J. The metropolis of New Crobuzon sprawls at the centre of its own bewildering world. Humans and mutants and arcane races throng the gloom beneath its chimneys, where the rivers are sluggish with unnatural effluent, and factories and foundries pound into the night. For more than a thousand years, the parliament and its brutal militia have ruled over a vast array of workers and artists, spies, magicians, junkies and whores.

Inside the Imagination of China Mieville

Now a stranger has come, with a pocketful of gold and an impossible demand, and inadvertently something unthinkable is released. Soon the city is gripped by an alien terror - and the fate of millions depends on a clutch of outcasts on the run from lawmakers and crime-lords alike.


The urban nightscape becomes a hunting ground as battles rage in the shadows of bizarre buildings. And a reckoning is due at the city's heart, in the vast edifice of Perdido Street Station. It is too late to escape. Review Text A well-written, authentically engrossing adventure story, exuberantly full of hocus-pocus. Daily Telegraph show more.