Principles of Soil and Plant Water Relations

Principles of Soil and Plant Water Relations
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If water is present in amounts more than that can be stored, the soil expels air. On the other hand, in dry soils, the water molecules are present as a thin film around the soil particles. Water occurs in varying proportions in the soil pores. Based on the physical factors, the water held in the pores can be defined as:.

Principles of Soil and Plant Water Relations

Water plays a key role in plant growth. The most important functions of water are listed below:.

The pathway through which water moves from the soil to the atmosphere via plant is known as the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum. The atmosphere has low water potential while a relatively higher potential occurs inside the leaves. This creates a diffusion gradient across the pores in stomata of the leaves leading to vaporization of water molecules present in the leaves.

As water vapour transpires out of the leaves, it is replaced with water molecules maintained inside the leaves at saturation vapour pressure. Xylem cells of plant pull water from the roots towards the leaf.


Your review was sent successfully and is now waiting for our team to publish it. Mechanism of Stomatal Opening Boundary Layer Imprint: Academic Press. Book condition: New Quantity available: 1. Basic principles are given, including equations that govern water movement through the soil-plant-atmosphere system.

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Email Not published. Skip to content. Since the first edition was published, flooding and droughts throughout the world have made water an even more topical subject, as the importance and instability of our water supplies have been brought to the forefront of daily life. This new edition of Water Dynamics in Plant Production focuses on the dynamics of water through the hydrologic cycle and the associated mechanisms that plants employ to optimize growth and development.

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It describes the basic scientific principles of water transport in the soil-plant atmosphere continuum, and explains the linkage between transpirational water use and dry matter production. Paying particular attention to the various agronomic strategies for adaptation to climate-driven limitations of water resources, the efficiency of water use in plant production and in achieving an economic yield is presented in detail.

This book offers a multidisciplinary introduction to the fundamentals and applications of water dynamics in natural and managed ecosystems. Including text boxes throughout, as well as online supplementary material, it provides an essential state of-the-art resource for students and researchers of soil and plant science, hydrology and agronomy.

SOIL 388: A simplified model of plant, soil, and water interaction

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Main Description Water is the most basic essential for plant growth; an inadequate supply causes severe problems, as plants rely on the water transmitted by soil to meet their physiological and nutritional needs. Table of Contents. It will be an excellent textbook for classes that deal with water in the soil and plant.