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I love your post,there is a lot of food that you mention here that I have to try. However, I hope you are not listing the food in order of what I should try. Of course, that is just my personal preference. Interesting article. However, ur way off regarding the vegetarianism and alcohol part. There r few dry states but everywhere else its legally available. The difference is the restrictions regarding its sale.

And in must try u should also mention non veg dishes like butter chicken, hyderabadi biryani. Tandoori chicken which u attributed to Pakistan originated and widely available in India.

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Not sure whether you have actually had a taste of Indian food. Totally agree to the previous comment as well. All your observations are stupid.

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India have many cuisines and the north is totally different to the south. Plenty of meat dishes and plenty of meat eaters; alcohol, plenty of them as well. And you call yourself a foodie… Ok then. What is Melbourne Chicken?

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Rice is a natural material, gluten free, a staple food for half of the world population and also the basis of our diet! Thanks for the great list of veggie recipes. To help us better serve the information needs of our audience, please complete the information below. With some differences though: it has fewer flavors, no olive oil and no sauce. Borsch — a meat-beetroot soup, made with everything that was found in the fridge. You will not be subscribed to our email newsletter.

I live in Melbourne and have never heard of this dish of chicken and pink sauce. OMG sorry but this list is fully biased where is Turkish cuisine since its waay unique from many of those above? Please remove India from the List. You do not have any Idea of the food over here. Its not that majority of Indians are Vegetarians. Pakistan and India Share almost all the food recipes. Alcohol is readily available everywhere, Except for the state of Gujarat. Please have a greater sudy. What about Indonesian food?

Great job! Only thing I notice all of the description of mexican food is not Mexican, is actually American. I have never in my life try a crispy taco in Mexico or any lasana echilada.

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Other than that great. As a Mexican I am honestly offended by what you put for Mexico, have you ever even been to our country? Wow I am completely amazed that you put that. The food that you put is pretty much just Tex-Mex. You made no mention of the incredible variety of food my country has.

Every country has a rich culinary history and can offer foreign travelers something delicious to find and eat! If you are not too fussy or a food-snob of sorts, you should be able to get a good meal just about anywhere in the world. All countries have fresh fruits and vegetables, grilled meats, rice, starches, noodles, breads, salads, desserts, sweets and so on. Albeit in various different forms, cooked in different ways, served in different sauces and prepared with often strange and exotic condiments and spices.

That is the beauty of travelling abroad and far and wide. If you are not willing to try and explore foreign foods and try experience local dishes, what is the point of travelling in the first place? The USA has so many unique and specific dishes originating from plants and game only found in North America, bona petite,probecho, Americancuisine. A little recommendation from an Indian. You should definitely add Chicken and Mutton Biriyani in your Indian dishes. Those are one of best foods from India.

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Also the Butter Chicken is so good. Pakistani mangoes are the best in the world. Local fruits in Pakistan are probably the best testing and aromatic in the world. Palla fish, is probably the best fish in the whole world. Any list like this that does not include Turkey, which has some of the most varied and delicious foods to be found on the planet, is a sham list. You have Greek food listed, which is on the most part copied from Turkish cuisine.

Pretty weird to see a food list without Brazil in it. You should take at least 2 weeks in order to travel Serbia and stay in Vojvodina as well as Zlatibor and Leskovac. Only Argentinian BBQ comes close to it.

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Next deal is — meet Serbian people and bond up to the point where you can go and visit a specific sort of a deal — SLAVA. Another deal — check the youtube videos of the particular individual called Charles Cather and see what he talks about Serbian cuisine. You disgust me. Many other best cuisine in Inddia…. Please updated …. For people looking to pack their lives with international trips while operating on a budget, check […]. More than half the population here is non-vegetarian. It is popular, yes, but not the most popular. You should try pani puri also called golgappa , idlis, dosas, samosas, malai kofta, palak paneer, avial, dal makhni, paneer tikka, dhokla, and a long list of others in the vegetarian end.

For your non-vegetarian side, you could try the Chicken Biryani, Mutton Biryani, and Egg Biryani, made of basmati rice and that define the city of Hyderabad in the country. Please do some research before resorting to unnecessary mudslinging on a beautiful, beautiful country!

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Im 26 old and born and bought up in india!!! Just want to point out that macaroni and cheese does have sauce and that a traditional ceasar salad contains romaine, not iceberg, and typically the chicken is for an entree portion not a side salad. In order to understand this severity, this is like making a list of the countries with the best basketball teams and not mentioning the U. S or Spain. And Aloo gobhi is not a specialty to try in India. This author has no idea of indian cuisines. Most of indians are vegetarians?? You dont know food if Malaysia isnt in the list. It is the only country in Asia that has a very diverse culture influence in their food.

They offer some very complex flavours due to their past. Sir you forgot a cuntry Turkey kebap cofee and baklava is very famous and its foods coming from thousand s ofn yeasr please add turkey to this activity but its a great activtiy.

Awesome tips! They all sound so delicious. Yeah right!! Lol are you for real! You better get your studies right next time. Filipino food? Have you ever actually tasted it? There is so much of beef dishes because Cow and Ox is so much different. Cow is gaayen and OX is bail and people eat bail ka gosh!

I Feel really pity for people who think Indian cuisine is just Panner butter masala, naan and some veggie stuff. India is a food treasure there are may different styles and traditions of how people cook. On top of all these not everyone in India is untidy. In my personal experience i have found North Indians to be most un clean people.

Beware of this fact….

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Turkish Cuisine? Middle east and Mediterranean foods are also not here. You better be kidding about Sweden here that is a very bland unimpressive cuisine not vastly different from the old style United Kingdom one.